Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before the match, Schalke's Metzelder said United "don't scare us" and that United are "easy" to play against -- oops.


Of course we know that Manchester United have so many key players but they don't scare us," he said. "It would be much more difficult for us to play against Barcelona. The style of Manchester United is easier for us, if you can say that. Barcelona take control and they make you run so much it's very difficult to defend against them. It's easier to play against teams like Manchester United - or even Real Madrid.

United give Schalke a lesson in football; breeze to a 2-0 victory - Can you say "Wembley"?


Can we stop now with all the "Raul will score" and "Schalke are hungrier" and "United have trouble with German teams" comments? United were a force tonight and looked unstoppable. Without Neuer's great play, United would have been up 4 or 5 goals, easy. United have now gone through the entire 2010-2011 Champions League campaign without conceding an away goal.

Still some work to do, though, as this is only another step; but it looks great for the Reds. Next up is a reeling Arsenal. Three points from the Gunners and the league will be all but over.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thanks Obama for saving us from the $2 poker player menace....I can't believe this is America


Oppressive taxes crushing our economy -- Hussein tells us to "sacrifice"....skyrocketing gas prices -- Hussein tells us to "get a different car"...Government spending out of control -- Hussein tells us to "deal with it"... BUT he is right on top of directing OUR tax dollars to have his Justice Department pursue online poker players.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man United 2 Chelsea 1 | "Form is temporary - Class is permanent"


United is peaking at the right time. After consecutive losses to Chelsea and Liverpool, United have rolled out 7 straight victories in all competitions including beating Chelsea twice. What was particularly painful for Chelsea was to have $75 million star Torres subbed at half-time and the ageing Drogba scoring the only goal for Chelsea over the two matches.

Next up, City in the FA Cup semifinal.

Rooney is out for that match, but ho-hum, Fergie has to go to the bench for .... Berbatov, the league's leading scorer. Last night United looked comfortable and deadly. Let's go Reds!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wayne Rooney banned for Man Utd's FA Cup semi-final - what a joke!


And Ashley Cole from Chelsea can continually berate the referee to his face during a match (last night's Champions League match) and nothing happens...I hope Berbatov drops a hattrick on Fulham and City.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two match ban for the f-word - ridiculous: Furious Alex Ferguson vows to fight Rooney’s FA charge


Only in England. Two matches in this crucial time of the year smacks of a set-up. Any other player - ANY other player would not have had this.