Thursday, December 27, 2012

Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson avoids FA reprimand - ESPN FC

Sir Alex Ferguson avoids FA reprimand

December 27, 2012
By Press Association

Ferguson dodges FA action
Sir Alex Ferguson has avoided disciplinary action after he confronted officials during Manchester United's dramatic 4-3 win over Newcastle on Boxing Day.
Ferguson dodges FA action

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will not face punishment for confronting referee Mike Dean at Old Trafford on Wednesday, the Football Association has confirmed.

The Scot was furious after Dean overruled assistant Jake Collin and awarded Newcastle's second goal in the Red Devils' 4-3 win.

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Man United's nerve-shredding, attack-at-almost-all-costs 4-3 win over Newcastle may well go down as a definitive result in the EPL title race, writes James Martin. Blog »

Okwonga: Hernandez delivers

The FA confirmed no action would be taken against the Red Devils boss as Dean made no reference to Ferguson confronting him in his report. Ferguson approached Dean as he made his way out for the second half, before rounding on the fourth official Neil Swarbrick and Collin.

Dean did not send Ferguson off during the match, which ended with United going seven points clear at the top of the Premier League thanks to their win and Manchester City's 1-0 defeat at Sunderland.

Ferguson was furious that Dean allowed a Jonny Evans own goal to stand after Collin had flagged for offside against Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse.

"The referee changed the linesman's mind. He said it was an own goal. But if you see it again, and the referee can't, the guy is in an offside position, then he pulls Evans' arm," Ferguson said. "If that is not interfering, what is? I think it was a bad decision."

The Premier League issued a clarification, backing Dean's decision, confirming that "as Cisse did not play the ball, then he was not interfering with play."

The league also stated that: "It is also the case that Cisse didn't interfere with the opponent.''

Javier Hernandez's 90th-minute winner gave United the spoils as they fought back three times from a goal down to edge out Newcastle in an enthralling encounter.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Swansea defender Williams denies aiming ball at van Persie - Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN


All the haters coming out now...if Rooney did this, the FA would ban him for 6 matches. The banned Rooney for swearing at a a camera...oh how quickly the haters forget...

For most small teams, the biggest fixture of the year is the United match...and United know that they have a target on them everywhere they go. But United get through it...19 titles and another on the way.

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Heavy metal star of Rigor Mortis DIES after collapsing on stage.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Obama calls for end to tribal violence in Kenya #whocaresaboutkenya

With our country facing financial ruin, obama takes time to be concerned about his birth place.... I could care less about stupid Kenya... could care less. President Obama calls for end to tribal violence in Kenya ahead of nation's March elections ... #MailOnline

Obama begins Hawaiian Kwanzaa vacation by playing golf with friend arrested for soliciting prostitute. #fiscalcliff Obama begins Hawaiian Christmas vacation by playing golf with friend arrested for soliciting prostitute ... #MailOnline

Monday, December 10, 2012

Doomsayers await the end of the world – in 12 days' time - World Politics - World - The Independent

2Day FM cancels show, suspends prank calls

Michael Christian and Mel Greig talk to Tracy Grimshaw.

Michael Christian and Mel Greig talk to Tracy Grimshaw. Photo: Channel Nine

The fallout from the 2Day FM radio prank continues, with Southern Cross Austereo cancelling the Hot 30 show and issuing a company-wide suspension of prank calls.

The decision follows the suspension of all advertising on 2Day FM, which was announced over the weekend.

Radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian had already been suspended indefinitely from 2Day FM following the death of a nurse they spoke to during a prank call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was a patient.

"SCA and the hosts of the radio program have also decided that they will not return to the airwaves until further notice," the company said in a statement.


Greig and Christian were due to appear on two TV current affairs programs tonight.

Southern Cross Austereo said it did not believe the prank "breached any relevant law, regulation or code", but was "conducting a comprehensive review of company policies and processes".

"The Company has conducted a review of the process undertaken in the airing of the segment which has found that company protocols were adhered to," Southern Cross Austereo said in a statement.

"Several attempts were made by the production team to discuss the segment with the hospital, but with no success. The segment was referred to an internal review process which included internal legal review and authorisation was granted to broadcast."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tevez is a sore LOSER! He kicks Phil Jones...suspension is likely. #mufc #epl

Carlos Tevez shows that good old Manchester City class behavior.  He will probably get 3 match ban for this.  It doesn't appear the referee saw it so the FA is free to punish Tevez.   This incident is in addition to the City fans who were pelting United players with coins and trash and invading the pitch.  City's trip to Old Trafford in the coming months is going to be crazy...hopefully United fans will be able to restrain themselves.

Just another United v. City match: United win at City 3:2...and City's fans don't like it. #mufc #epl

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Uh Oh! Chelsea players may be caught out...

In their fury at a questionable decision, Chelsea sore losers may have bitten off more than they can chew by accusing the match referee of racially abusing them... in front of every one... while he was on a microphone linked to the three other referees.... Chelsea race case against Clattenburg in jeopardy with Mikel facing disrepute charge ... #MailOnline

VIDEO: Old people will 'c*** punch' Mitt Romney...The liberals, keeping it classy... NOT SAFE FOR KIDS


...this is Michael Moore, the standard bearer for the liberal media....nice

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo among Ballon d'Or nominees - yawn


...Of course the La Liga players look good in their 2-team league with 18 also-rans...

Election 2012 Likely Voters Trial Heat: Obama vs. Romney: Romney over 50%...trouble for Obama

All registered voters are asked: "Suppose the presidential election were held today, and it included Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's candidates and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the Republican Party's candidates. Who would you vote for [ROTATED: Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the Democrats (or) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the Republicans]?" Those who are undecided are further asked if they lean more toward Obama and Biden or Romney and Ryan and their leanings are incorporated into the results.

These results are for likely voters, who are the respondents Gallup deems most likely to vote based on their responses to a series of questions asking about current voting intentions, thought given to the election, and past voting behavior. Each seven-day rolling average is based on telephone interviews with approximately 2,700 likely voters; margin of error is ±2 percentage points.

See registered voter results here.

For a complete explanation of Gallup's likely voter procedures, please click here.

Referee Clattenburg to deny Chelsea accusations over Mikel, Mata - Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN

Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama... such a leader... 'My son is NOT very optimal... he is very dead': Mother of U.S. diplomat killed in Libya attack slams ... #MailOnline

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama cares...err, not really. 'If four Americans get killed, it's not OPTIMAL': Obama's extraordinary response to Comedy Central ... #MailOnline