Saturday, September 24, 2011

Report: Stoke City v Manchester United - The thugs win the day....

United could have been much better, but everything they say about Stoke is true...thugs. They kicked the hell out of United for ten minutes in the beginning including a EASY penalty that should have been called. Woodgate pushed Chicha in the back in the box and he crashed into the keeper. Watching Stoke grab jerseys as United players were rushing by was a joke.

Another easy penalty when Shawcross deflected a shot with his arm and the linesman called offside on a player (Owen) who was not even active in the play. (And by the way, linesman, it was a SHOT ON GOAL, not a pass)

United looked disconnected and they just weren't moving as quickly as the last 5 matches. But when the referee establishes that a game will be played according to beer-league have to respond. Roy Keane, we needed you today....Oh well. Marching on....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sorry Glazer haters: Record profits for Manchester United | Debt drops even further -


.... once again the idiots who wanted to run the Glazers out of town have yet again been shown why they don't have the intelligence to run a world class organization.

Those stupid green protest scarves of Newton Heath are nowhere to be seen at Old Trafford these days....United are the richest, the most profitable and the most followed football club in the world...for a reason: Sound ownership, Legendary management, class players (for the most part), and a top youth development program.

For all you posers, (City), "Form is temporary, Class is permanent"