Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obama can't channel Reagan this time....and show his weakness as a leader yet again.

Since Obama has excruciatingly tries to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, consider this - in 1986 the US was being confronted with economic woes at home of rising oil prices, taxes and the deficit.  Libya's Gaddafi was being blamed for bombings of a disco, and an airliner.  When asked about Gaddafi, Reagain called him "this mad-dog of the middle east," a profound insult to a Muslim.

Fast forward to the present; Obama can't manage to be on the fore-front of condemnation of the "mad-dog" and just can't bring himself to show courage and strength, knowing he may lose a few muslim "friends" if he speaks with conviction and unflinching moral authority (hallmarks of Reagan philosophy).  Few things are black and white, but Gaddafi is an easy one; and once again, Obama's leadership and courage were found wanting....

United 4 - Wigan 0 : A great start to the run-in for the title. Chelsea and Liverpool are next (both away) #mufc

Monday, February 21, 2011

First lady hits the slopes on her "healthy eating (and 5 star resort)" tour - then chows down on a meal with 1500 calories and 140 grams of fat per serving

Too funny, but what did we expect? The best part is the subheadline on the web article says "Michelle Obama enjoys fresh veggies at Restaurant Kelly Liken." I can just hear the first lady now...."if people are hungry, let them eat 'braised ancho chile short ribs,' We all need to sacrifice, that's why I didn't have dessert."

UEFA bans Milan's Gattuso 4 matches for headbutt - #uefa #spurs

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Typical reaction from liberals who don't get their way: lawmakers flee state to block bill limiting "out of control" govt. unions

When faced with a vote on a bill that would not go their way, Wisconsin Senate democrats fled the state to make sure a vote could not be had. Hopefully, when Obama doesn't win re-election, they will do us all a favor and flee to Canada...but please leave the cheese....I have to admit, it's pretty tasty.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Many British women so desperate for bigger bum they take chicken fattening pills. #insanity

Also advertised under the name "Big Beautiful Butt Formula."

If you see one goal from soccer this year, watch Wayne Rooney wondergoal from yesterday's match. #mufc

Unfortunately, I cannot claim to have been there or even claim to have been watching it live. I was otherwise engaged in the obligations of life, but got regular updates from my brother via text. The text I got from the 79th minute or so was "ROOOOOONNNEYYY!!! BICYCLE KICK!!!!" I knew something special had happened.

So after returning home I went to the bedroom to watch the "goal" thanks to the wonders of DVR and Fox Soccer Channel.

After watching it over and over again, it has to be the goal of the season. For any soccer player who has ever played or dreamed of playing, its the goal you always dream of scoring--- match in the waning minutes, against a bitter rival, score level, at home, 75,000 fans watching, overhead bicycle kick, top corner for the win ---Yes, it was that good.