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Brave New World

Brave New WorldBrave New World by Aldous Huxley<br/>

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Once you get through the terminology of the future world, it is an interesting social commentary on a familiar theme:  Is it better to be 'happy' by being unaware of any distress, longing, disappointment, loss, heartbreak, etc.?  Is that true happiness?  Are you truly 'happy' if you have never known sadness?  <br /><br />The society in which Bernard lives has taken care of all the so-called 'difficulties' of society, but at what cost?   The people are conditioned to be satisfied with what they have been essentially genetically engineered to have.  They spout phrases and mantras that have been brainwashed into their minds from a young age.  They are provided a drug that provides them the perfect high with no repercussions.  Promiscuous sex is accepted and encouraged and there are no consequences, other than sexual gratification.  Televisions, scent machines, perfect it paradise?<br /><br />John the Savage (raised in hardship, loss, want, and emotions of love, anger, passion...) doesn't like this 'Brave New World' once he sees how the 'civilized' are behaving.  But is John's view of the necessity of suffering and pain a realistic alternative?  Does John go too far in his view of how the human existence should be?  Is Johns world of physical pain (sometimes self-inflicted), hardship, exile, etc.  the answer?<br /><br />Is our society moving toward turning us into mindless and thoughtless people in the name of progress?  Do we over-medicate (drug) ourselves into a false happiness?  Are we over-sexualizing our lives in the name of pure gratification?  Are lasting relationships (or relationships at all) no longer seen as ideal?<br /><br />Is there a middle ground that can be attained?  <br /><br />I enjoyed this book...still provoking thought after so many years.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


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