Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obama can't channel Reagan this time....and show his weakness as a leader yet again.

Since Obama has excruciatingly tries to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, consider this - in 1986 the US was being confronted with economic woes at home of rising oil prices, taxes and the deficit.  Libya's Gaddafi was being blamed for bombings of a disco, and an airliner.  When asked about Gaddafi, Reagain called him "this mad-dog of the middle east," a profound insult to a Muslim.

Fast forward to the present; Obama can't manage to be on the fore-front of condemnation of the "mad-dog" and just can't bring himself to show courage and strength, knowing he may lose a few muslim "friends" if he speaks with conviction and unflinching moral authority (hallmarks of Reagan philosophy).  Few things are black and white, but Gaddafi is an easy one; and once again, Obama's leadership and courage were found wanting....

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