Sunday, July 31, 2011

United beats Barcelona 2-1. Oh well I'll take it. See you in the CL final.

A great moment was when the announcers were gushing over the "beautiful " passing and the "ole's"
from the Barca crowd.

Then right on cue, its, "Cleverly with the intercept....he has Owen in the clear....GOAL United!"

It was hilarious.  Pre-season yes, but damn funny. What United lacked was speed in the midfield in the past 2 matches with Barca. With a Cleverly, Nani, Young and Valencia racing on the counter attack...Barcalona's impudent high line can be exploited.

While passing is nice, you will be picked apart with a speedy counter. And it seems Fergie has got his speed. (Although Sneijder would still be nice.....)

You can have your 66% of the possession.  But 3 points is better. See what pretty passing has done for Arsenal.


Darrin Keaton -

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