Sunday, July 10, 2011

US Women pull off a stunner with a 122nd minute equalizer and a shoot-out win. Bye bye Samba Girls!

.... Ok I'll admit that I'm a bit football starved so the women's game will have to suffice (sorry guys, MLS is almost as unwatchable as the NBA). But what these women lack in overall talent, the drama is every bit as tense as any match you have seen. And this match had it all.

Great match that saw the US women overcome yet another howler of a call by an official (far too many of these lately) that saw Brazil get another chance at a penalty that had already been saved by Hope Solo (encroachment was the call, which is just about the most pathetic call a ref can make).

Today Brazil looked much like Barcelona when they played Madrid in the UEFA Champions League; diving, complaining, faking injury. Shameful. But at least this time, the cheaters lost and a bad call did not end up being the game winning moment. By the end of the match, the entire stadium, except for the few hundred Brazil fans, was squarely on the side of the Americans. When Wambach scored the equalizer, the stadium erupted like it was being played the USA.

Good stuff.


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